B&B Rentals and Manufacturing Inc

B&B Rentals and Manufacturing Inc

Logo Set and Color Palette

In crafting B&B Rentals’ updated logo, simplicity met reliability to reflect the company’s steadfast commitment to its products and services in the oil and gas sector. A classic blue and gray color palette, chosen for its resonance in the oil and gas industry, added a touch of sophistication. The final design seamlessly transitioned to print materials, including business cards, brochures, and company-branded t-shirts, ensuring a clean and professional look across various touchpoints within the oil and gas industry.

Website Development

A pivotal aspect of B&B’s brand refresh was the redevelopment of its website, offering customers in the oil and gas industry a comprehensive insight into the company’s extensive services. A professional photoshoot showcased B&B’s trucks, tools, and dedicated team members, providing authenticity to the online presence specifically tailored for the oil and gas sector. Our team curated compelling content to effectively communicate the company’s mission, services, and contact details. The website, designed with flexibility in mind, allows timely updates to showcase B&B’s latest offerings and maintain relevance within the oil and gas industry.

Project Details

B&B Rentals and Manufacturing Inc., a cornerstone in the local oil and gas industry, entrusted our team with a comprehensive brand refresh to align with its decade-long commitment to reliability in the oil and gas sector. The multi-step process encompassed a logo update, creation of branded print materials, and a complete website overhaul. The result is a sleek, modern brand that mirrors the company's mission in the oil and gas industry and provides customers with streamlined access to its services.

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