Tim Ellender for Judge Campaign

Tim Ellender for Judge Campaign

Timothy Ellender Judge houma, louisiana

Logo Set and Color Palette

In shaping the visual identity for Tim Ellender’s judicial campaign, our team embarked on a creative journey, refining the campaign’s logo through various concepts. The final design exudes patriotism, with a thoughtful incorporation of symbolic elements like a gavel created from parallel lines—a nod to the judicial context. A carefully chosen blue color palette, complemented by gold elements, set the tone for a visually striking and cohesive campaign brand.

Campaign Materials

The judicial campaign’s narrative unfolded beyond the digital realm, with our team overseeing a comprehensive suite of materials. A strategic photoshoot captured the essence of Tim Ellender and his family, forming the visual backbone for campaign materials. Two variations of campaign signs were meticulously designed—one featuring the logo exclusively and another tailored for larger signs and billboards, showcasing the logo alongside a prominent photo of Ellender. Branded giveaways such as t-shirts, stickers, beverage koozies, and cups added a tangible and memorable touch to the campaign.

Website Development

Recognizing the pivotal role of online engagement and fundraising, we developed a custom “Tim Ellender for Judge” website. Serving as a central hub for the campaign, the website featured an array of essential elements, including a donation page, campaign details, and a comprehensive biography of Tim Ellender. Our team ensured a seamless user experience, combining content creation, layout design, and intuitive navigation to encourage user interaction and support.

Project Details

As Tim Ellender embarked on his journey to secure the judgeship for Terrebonne Parish's District "A," Reimagine Marketing took the reins in crafting a dynamic campaign from inception to execution. The campaign's visual identity unfolded with a patriotic logo, meticulously integrating symbolic elements and essential text, establishing a powerful brand presence. Extending beyond visuals, our team orchestrated a diverse array of campaign materials, from eye-catching signs to branded giveaways, creating a cohesive and impactful narrative. In response to the unique challenges posed by COVID-19, we developed a custom website, becoming the digital heartbeat of the campaign, facilitating engagement and fundraising.

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