Duke Neal Medical and Dermatology

Duke Neal Medical and Dermatology

Witness the birth of Duke Neal Medical and Dermatology, a local dermatology practice founded by a group of visionary professionals seeking a fresh identity. Entrusted to our team, the task was clear: craft a brand that exudes sleekness while resonating seamlessly within the Houma community.

Logo Set and Color Palette

In the pursuit of sophistication, we embraced the timeless allure of black and gold—a classic combination that radiates elegance. Transforming this palette into a minimalist, glossy “DN” design, we birthed a logo that not only shone with polish but stood out distinctly. The logo found its way onto gold foil business cards, push cards, metallic exterior signage, and a cohesive print and billboard campaign, all meticulously developed to define Duke Neal’s unique brand.


Completing the ensemble, our team designed a professional website that mirrors the practice’s sleek aesthetic. Navigating through the Duke Neal website is a seamless experience, offering a glimpse into the practice, its doctors, and essential location details. Crucially, the website streamlines the client experience with easy access to new patient forms, ensuring a hassle-free registration process for potential clients.

Duke Neal Medical and Dermatology’s comprehensive branding journey encapsulates not just a dermatology practice but a refined identity that speaks volumes to both the medical and local community.

Project Details

In response to the initiative of local dermatologists establishing Duke Neal Medical and Dermatology, our team undertook the responsibility of crafting a distinguished brand identity for this Houma-based practice. Opting for a sophisticated black and gold palette, we meticulously developed a minimalist "DN" logo. This emblematic logo now graces refined materials such as business cards, exterior signage, and strategic billboards, amplifying the brand's presence. Complementing this, we designed a polished website, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality. Duke Neal Medical and Dermatology stands not only as a dermatological destination but as a refined cornerstone in the fabric of Houma's professional landscape.

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