Best of the Bayou Music Fest

Best of the Bayou Music Fest

Best of the Bayou Music Fest Rebranding, logo, rebranding, event, event materials, shirts, billboard

Step into the vibrant rhythm of the Best of the Bayou Festival (BOB Fest), where our team played a pivotal role in giving this beloved local music festival a fresh, dynamic identity. As the festival sought to expand its influence beyond the Houma-Thibodaux area, our task was to capture the essence of BOB Fest’s lively spirit and create a rebrand that resonated with a diverse audience.

Logo Set and Color Palette

In response to the festival’s desire to appeal to a younger audience and establish a timeless brand, our team crafted a grunge-themed logo that encapsulated the energy of a live music celebration. By omitting the year from the logo, we ensured its enduring relevance. Complemented by an extensive and vibrant color palette, the design provided the festival organizers with a visually striking and adaptable brand that could seamlessly integrate into various marketing materials.

Event Materials

A music festival thrives on its branding materials, and our team delivered a comprehensive range for BOB Fest. From brochures to billboards, we designed materials of all sizes. Signs featuring headlining acts, community banners adorned with the festival logo, and stage wraps infused with festival branding all contributed to a cohesive visual identity. Notably, our cost-effective approach extended to festival t-shirts intentionally devoid of a specific year, allowing leftover merchandise to be repurposed and resold in subsequent years.

BOB Fest’s makeover captures the vibe of an always lively party that goes beyond local borders, connecting with both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Project Details

Join us on a journey of rhythm and renewal as we breathe fresh life into the Best of the Bayou Festival (BOB Fest). Our team took the reins in redefining BOB Fest's identity, infusing it with a vibrant, evergreen spirit that extends far beyond local borders. From a grunge-themed logo capturing the festival's energy to a diverse color palette that paints the town, we've crafted a brand that resonates with both loyal festivalgoers and new faces. Get ready to experience a celebration that's not just about the music—it's a dynamic, ongoing party that everyone is invited to.

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