Saint Matthew’s Episcopal School Rebranding Project

Saint Matthew’s Episcopal School Rebranding Project

Saint Matthew's Episcopal School Rebranding Projects

Rebranding Saint Matthew’s Episcopal School: Crafting a Timeless Legacy

Embarking on a profound rebranding journey with Saint Matthew’s Episcopal School, our team delved into the intricacies of the institution’s rich history and values. The result was a meticulously designed logo, seamlessly integrating the school’s transition from “St.” to “Saint” and preserving the iconic blue and green color palette. This modern logo set embodies the essence of the school’s heritage while projecting a contemporary image.


A key focus during the rebranding initiative was to create a logo that transcends digital platforms and seamlessly integrates with various tangible products. Our team developed multiple variations of the logo, ensuring adaptability to a range of materials. From embroidered patches for school uniforms to printed t-shirts, each product carries the renewed visual identity of Saint Matthew’s Episcopal School.


The rebranding initiative extended to the physical realm through thoughtfully designed signage. Metal signs, featuring the new logo and building names, were strategically placed across the school’s campus. These signs serve a dual purpose—providing identification and contributing to a cohesive visual language. Additionally, banners adorned with the school’s crest found a place of prominence in the chapel during daily services, reinforcing the reimagined brand.

Rebranding Saint Matthew's Episcopal School: Crafting a Timeless Legacy


As an integral component of the rebrand, our team meticulously crafted a website that not only mirrors the refreshed visual identity but also provides a seamless online experience for students, parents, and faculty. The website serves as a digital hub, offering valuable information about the school, admissions, fundraising, and resources. Through intuitive design and engaging content, the website aligns with the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and personal development.

The Saint Matthew’s Episcopal School rebranding initiative stands as a testament to our dedication to preserving tradition while ushering in a timeless legacy for this esteemed educational institution.

Rebranding Saint Matthew's Episcopal School: Crafting a Timeless Legacy
Project Details

In collaboration with Saint Matthew's Episcopal School, our team spearheaded a comprehensive rebranding initiative to reflect the institution's legacy and values. From a meticulously designed logo set and color palette to versatile products, impactful signage, and an intuitive website, each element seamlessly weaves the school's heritage into a contemporary narrative. This holistic approach ensures a cohesive visual identity that resonates across digital platforms, tangible products, and physical spaces.

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