Point of Vue 2023 – People’s Choice Contest

Point of Vue 2023 – People’s Choice Contest

Branding Package

Reimagine Marketing curated a lively branding package for the Point of Vue People’s Choice 2023, incorporating bright, vibrant colors and a whimsical/retro typeface. An alternative badge logo added a distinctive touch, setting the stage for a visually engaging contest that resonates with the local community.

Contest Materials

Our team translated the vibrant branding into tangible marketing items, including winner stickers adorned with the logo, business cards encouraging votes for participating businesses, and eye-catching postcards amplifying the community’s involvement in the contest.


Social Media

Reimagine Marketing took the Point of Vue People’s Choice 2023 contest to social platforms, creating a vibrant and engaging social media campaign. Our team strategically crafted posts that detailed contest information, rules, and actively encouraged the public to cast their votes. This dynamic digital approach fostered widespread community participation and added an interactive dimension to the contest.

Website Development

Matching the energetic branding, we designed a dynamic website for the contest, serving as a comprehensive hub for contest details, voting forms, and digital media kits. The website not only informs but actively engages participants, embodying the lively spirit of the People’s Choice contest.

Project Details

Reimagine Marketing spearheaded the Point of Vue People's Choice 2023, a community-centric contest celebrating local favorites in Terrebonne and Lafourche. Our team crafted a vibrant branding package, featuring colorful designs and a whimsical/retro typeface, along with an alternative badge logo. This lively branding extended to social media posts and marketing collateral, including winner stickers, business cards, and postcards, fostering community engagement. Complementing the vibrant visuals, we designed a dynamic website elucidating the contest details, voting forms, and digital media kits for nominees to share across social platforms.

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