South Terrebonne High School Football Ad Book

South Terrebonne High School Football Ad Book

South Terrebonne High School Football Ad Book

Dive into the vibrant spirit of South Terrebonne High School with our Football Ad Book—a print project designed and brought to life by Reimagine Marketing.

Our collaboration with students involved the sale of ads, with our team skillfully integrating them into a thoughtfully designed layout. Carefully selected layouts, typefaces, and illustrations harmonize to create a visually compelling book of ads that captures the essence of South Terrebonne High School.

The STHS Football Ad Book is not just a print project—it’s a celebration of community unity and the unwavering spirit of the Gators. We have been privileged to create this book for South Terrebonne since 2016!

Project Details

Experience the synergy of community and school spirit with our South Terrebonne High School Football Ad Book. Meticulously crafted by our team, this print project seamlessly blends local business support and Gator pride, showcasing ads sold by students and a vibrant center spread highlighting senior football players.

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