Pelican Point Preschool Digital Presence

Pelican Point Preschool Digital Presence

Social Media Management

Navigating the dynamic landscape of social media, our team took control of Pelican Point Preschool’s digital presence. Regular communication with staff allowed us to create tailored social media posts that resonate with the preschool’s mission. Our strategic approach extends to running targeted ad campaigns on Facebook, ensuring key information, from school opening dates to open-house events, reaches the intended audience efficiently.

Website Development

Pelican Point Preschool’s commitment to holistic child development needed a digital presence that matched its ethos. Our team designed a website that not only mirrored the preschool’s values but also provided parents with an easy-to-navigate platform. This digital hub serves as an informational resource, fostering a strong connection between the preschool and parents.

Project Details

Pelican Point Preschool, an early childhood learning center committed to providing top-tier care in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment, sought our expertise to enhance its digital presence. Our team responded by crafting a clean, fun, and user-friendly website tailored for parents of the toddlers attending the school. Additionally, we took charge of Pelican Point Preschool's social media presence, engaging with staff, creating custom posts, and executing targeted ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook. This comprehensive approach ensures effective communication with parents, promotes open-house events, and facilitates the school's expansion.

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