Synergy Stories Video Series

Synergy Stories Video Series

Synergy Bank Video Series

Synergy Stories Video Series

Big Mike’s BBQ: Reimagine Marketing collaborated with Synergy Bank to showcase Big Mike’s BBQ, a nationally recognized eatery with a local heart. The video highlights the Lewis family’s commitment to community improvement while savoring their renowned BBQ. From conceptualizing the timeline to the final edit, our involvement ensured a perfect representation of Big Mike’s story.


Bourgeois Meat Market: Continuing the Synergy Stories series, Reimagine Marketing showcased Bourgeois Meat Market, a generational family-owned business famous for its Cajun beef jerky. The video underlines the family’s legacy, with Synergy proudly contributing to their story. From timeline planning to the video’s online presence, our collaboration with Synergy Bank ensured a seamless portrayal of Bourgeois Meat Market.


Da Swamp Trampoline Park: Reimagine Marketing played a pivotal role in the creation of the video featuring Da Swamp Trampoline Park, a novel entertainment venue brought to the community by local business leaders. The video emphasizes Da Swamp’s role as a vital outlet for exercise and fun. Our comprehensive involvement, from planning to editing, reflected the extraordinary nature of this business and Synergy Bank’s pride in bringing it to the community.

Project Details

Reimagine Marketing collaborated with Synergy Bank to produce "Synergy Stories," a compelling video series spotlighting unique small businesses that define our community. Featuring establishments like Big Mike's BBQ, Bourgeois Meat Market, and Da Swamp Trampoline Park, each video delves into the essence of these businesses and their impact on the Bayou Region. Reimagine Marketing's role encompassed crafting the video timeline, shooting, editing, and collaborating closely with Synergy Bank to ensure the videos captured the heart of each story. The series resides on, Facebook, and YouTube, creating a lasting digital footprint for these remarkable businesses.

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