After the Mission Branding

After the Mission Branding

After the Mission Branding Logo

After the Mission Branding

At After the Mission, we passionately embraced the mission to support and raise awareness for veterans grappling with PTSD post-service. Our collaboration birthed a patriotic logo, adorned in the colors of red, white, and blue, serving as a symbolic palette representing the essence of the cause. The logo ingeniously incorporates the initials ATM, encapsulated within the powerful imagery of a veteran alongside a civilian figure. This design speaks to the dual nature of veterans post-service, capturing the journey of transformation. At the customer’s request, we crafted an alternate logo featuring a dog tag, a universally recognized symbol resonating with veterans. After the Mission’s branding is not merely a visual identity; it’s a heartfelt narrative, a tribute to veterans, and a beacon for raising awareness about PTSD.

Project Details

We collaborated with After the Mission to create a patriotic logo supporting veterans with PTSD. The design cleverly weaves the initials ATM into a powerful image of a veteran and a civilian, symbolizing their dual identity post-service. An alternate logo features a dog tag at the customer's request. After the Mission's branding is a heartfelt tribute and a beacon for PTSD awareness.

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